This week, join us with Patrick Ginn, Founder and CEO of Ginn Group on becoming a “Purpose-Driven CEO” and how he prepared his company to embrace change in the face of political and economic uncertainty.

When COVID-19 arrived, Ginn Group was already imminently prepared to pivot quickly and to the benefit of the corporation. “Nothing could prepare us,” Ginn shared, “But we had already identified through coaching and in our quarterly and annual planning process that at some point, given our industry, a change would happen.”

Ginn worked with a business coach to create a versatile business model and share it with employees to foster a mindset of alignment throughout the company, enabling them to move quickly in response to change.

Tune in to hear how the culture of “embracing change” became a Core Value for Ginn Group and for Patrick himself!

In Part 2, we’ll talk more about how Patrick is using his business to connect to the community.


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