Making the Intangible Tangible: Hiring for Soft Skills

The hiring process is one of the most essential, and difficult, decisions within a company. As author Jim Collins shares in his book Good to Great, the best leaders, “start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right...

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The Mini-Games Effect

The Great Game of BusinessIt’s been over 26 years since Jack Stack published the revolutionary guide, “The Great Game of Business: The Only Sensible Way to Run a Company.” Revolving around the concept of “open-book management,” The Great Game of Business...

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Staying Smart: Activate Your Learning Activities

Enjoy this guest post from our Gravitas Impact Certified Coach, Peter Braeuler!  “The world is moving VERY fast – to keep up, you have to double your capability every three years. If leaders can’t scale – the business can’t grow.”- Kevin Lawrence, Your Oxygen Mask...

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Building Blocks For An Effective One-To-One

The one-on-one meeting is widely regarded as a fundamental, highly-effective business practice that can yield excellent results for leaders and employees alike – but are enough businesses utilizing this asset? We recently spoke to Gravitas Impact premium coach...

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Execution Strategies In A Softening Economy

One of the challenges facing businesses today is the execution gap. Even when the economy is roaring, many companies find it difficult to put their strategy into play. The internal issues that often lead to this problem are likely to be exacerbated during an economic...

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Cash-Flow Strategies In A Softening Economy

For businesses, there’s never a time when cash-flow isn’t a critical component to proper management and growth. During a softening economy, however, it’s absolutely essential to survival. We recently spoke with Gravitas Impact premium coaches Randy Gardiner and Lynn...

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Activating “Productive Paranoia” Through People Strategies

Recently in reviewing Jim Collins’ book Great by Choice, the concept of “Productive Paranoia” sparked insights into the question, “how can a leadership team strengthen their company in a softening economy?” “Productive paranoia” is one of three attributes that Jim...

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Preparing Strategies For A Softening Economy

One of the overarching conversations throughout 2018 was about the growing potential for an economic downturn in the next 24 months. Experts pointed to a number of possible triggers, including trade tensions, rising interest rates and oil prices. When another...

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Preparing Your Business For An Exit

At some point, virtually every CEO will transition out of their leadership role and hand the reins off to someone else. When that time comes, what can the CEO do to prepare and execute a smooth exit strategy? Carter Heim and Bob Bishop, two of our Gravitas Impact...

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