Join us this week with Mike Goldman, Senior Gravitas Impact coach and author. Goldman uses his 30+ years of coaching and consulting to weigh in on the root issue facing companies worldwide, the lack of a strong senior leadership team.

“The biggest difference between a great company and a failing company is the leadership team,” Goldman shares. But what is a great company? Goldman shares that, at some level, great companies boil down to these three elements, “Top and bottom line growth, a fulfilling learning environment for employees and value to society. At some level the great CEOs and Leadership Teams want that, and what I want to do through coaching and through this book is help them get there quicker, healthier and in a more holistic way”

In his newly-released book, Breakthrough Leadership Team: Strengthening the Heart and Soul of Your Company, Goldman dives deeper on how to structure your team now and plan for future growth, get the right people on the team and the wrong people off the team, craft the right culture, develop your talent, and execute with discipline and accountability to achieve these goals.

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