Join us this week with Jeff Redmon, Gravitas Impact coach and author as he addresses the essence of his monograph CASH, The Fuel For Your Economic Engine.

“Cash is not a CFO/Finance Responsibility,” Redmon clarified, “Cash is operational.”

In this podcast, Redmon shared case studies from his coaching experience to highlight areas where CEOs can shorten their Cash Conversion Cycles and increase Cash Flow throughout their organizations.

3 Key Ways CEOs can optimize their Cash Conversion Cycles:
Eliminate Mistakes
Shorten Cycle Times
Improve Your Business Model

Redmon also shares the insights behind his How 1+1+1=19 Exercise to find hidden cash throughout your business, saying, “We can only save nickels and dimes – the elements that ultimately add up to make a real difference in the business’s bottom line – on the front lines, not in the executive offices.”

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