Join us this week with Mark Green, Senior Gravitas Impact coach and author. Green addresses the essence of his monograph Creating A Culture of Accountability.

“Accountability is the underlying big problem that a myriad of other persistent, annoying expensive and unresolved other problems always seem to point to,” Green shared.

Do you have slower than desired monthly financial reporting? Inconsistently applied processes? Do you routinely miss your sales targets? Underperforming employees? Do you have a lot of last-minute problems or fire-drills? “Accountability is usually the problem behind any number of these symptoms. It is frustrating and it is costly.

In this podcast, Green provides CEOs with a key question to self-assess their progress in each of the three elements of organizational accountability: 

Leading By Example – “Do I regularly exhibit the accountable behaviors myself?” 

Role Accountability – “Does every employee have outcomes clarity?” 

Process Accountability – “Are accountability elements built into our leadership, planning, and execution processes?”

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