Join us this week with Hao Lam, author of From Bad to Worse to Best in Class.  Lam shares his personal story of escaping Vietnam as a refugee, and finding his passion for providing education worldwide.  As CEO and Chairman of Best in Class Education Center, Lam has devoted his entire career to advocate for supplemental education. He continues to do so as a Gravitas Impact coach.

Many CEOs struggle with mastering their own productivity as they encourage a culture of accountability in their organization. Lam shares his own schedule to demonstrate the habits and tools he’s used to monitor and improve his time management skills in both his personal and professional life.

Among his advice, Lam recommends creating a weekly schedule to share with an accountability group, whether in your organization or out of it, with a 0-10 scoring scale to indicate your progress on these 3-5 major goals. Lam also suggests cutting 5 minutes off your meeting times to send a recap and action items email, and to avoid meetings that don’t have a clearly outlined PAO: Purpose, Agenda and Outcome.

A lot of CEOs feel constantly busy, overwhelmed and inundated. Your time is a valuable resource for you and for your organization. Look at how you can manage your time more effectively, and master productivity.