Join us this week with Mike Carroll, Founder and Managing Partner of Intelligent Conversations, as he shares his insights into “Measuring Your Sales Team’s Success.”

Carroll addresses how the newest CRM technology influences the way companies should report and assess the performance of their sales teams, including the metrics they should prioritize. “CEOs are getting distracted by all the tools available to them. Be careful that you don’t have a false sense of security from forecasts and reports,” Carroll cautions.

Metrics to Measure:

1. Net New Opportunities – How many opportunities are we adding to the pipeline?
2. Pipeline Movement – Consider time limits for how long opportunities should sit at a stage.
3. Win Ratio – How many opportunities are getting to a proposal, are we winning our share of proposals? If not, why not?

“I would rather have fewer hours spent putting proposals together and winning more of that number, than throwing a pile of proposals at the wall and seeing what sticks.”

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