Join us this week with Ron Huntington, Gravitas Impact Senior Coach, as he shares his expertise on strategic annual planning from his years of experience as a business owner, consultant, and coach for award-winning companies.

“The uncertainties ahead demand that you sit down and think through a plan for your business, teams and organization that will get you through the next 12-20 months,” Huntington shared.

Previously a pilot, Huntington knows how important it is to have a plan, “If you want to stay alive, you have to make sure that you have a working flight plan to follow. And that’s really what we give our clients during planning sessions.”

“Strategy drives top-line revenue. We want that top-line revenue, through disciplined execution, to deliver reliable, predictable, bottom-line optimizing profitability and cash flow.”

“If you fail to plan, you may be planning to fail.”

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