Join us this week with Hazel Jackson, CEO of Biz Group as she shares insights from her years of experience in leadership development on concepts illustrated in Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman.

Jackson first read Multipliers upon its release 10 years ago, and began a journey with Liz Wiseman to bring that powerful content to CEOs around the world. In this podcast, she outlines those accidental diminishing tendencies many leaders unconsciously share, including: The Optimist, Idea Guy, Always On, Rescuer, Pace Setter and Rapid Responder.

Jackson also shares her own journey to becoming a better leader, saying, “Sometimes I have the best impact on my business when I get out of the way. Our role as a leader is to make everyone around us smarter. And sometimes, you make others smarter by just stepping to the side and letting them stretch and grow.”

Join us next week for Part 2!

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