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We released monographs provide the Gravitas Impact community with an opportunity to grow your business, establish thought leadership and attract new client leads through member published content. This streamlined process connects one author, one client story and one tool to address a single relevant topic in the mid-market. For an MVO price of only $5,000, you’ll be connected with a professional ghostwriter, copyeditor and project manager as you write your 5-8 chapter (50-65 page) monograph through our process in only 90 days. 

By writing a monograph, you have the opportunity to engage with your current clients, generate new leads and establish your authority as a thought leader in the Gravitas Impact community.

– Keith Cupp, CEO of Gravitas Impact

After you complete your application, you will receive a monograph on how to write a monograph, providing more details on the process and format. Fill out your downloadable application and get started today! 

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